Want to talk about our products? You can find us hosting,
sponsoring events, and speaking at conferences around the
world. Or come meet the atlassian family at
community-driven events including Atlassian User Group or
Expert Meetups near you.


Jira Day 2018

WHEN: Mar | 14-15 | 2018 WHERE: Warsaw, Poland

Jira Day 2018 is an annual conference dedicated to exploring Atlassian products (Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, Portfolio) together with Jira experts hailing from all European countries.


Valiantys Enterprise Day 2018

WHEN: May | 15 | 2018 WHERE: London, Great Britain

Meet the local Atlassian community, chat with peers facing similar challenges and share best practices. Valiantys experts and Atlassian representatives will also be at hand to answer any questions you may have about our products.


eazyBI Community Days 2018

WHEN: May | 24-25 | 2018 WHERE: Riga, Latvia

eazyBI Community Days 2018 is the second eazyBI annual user conference and the biggest eazyBI event of the year.


catworkx Midsummer Day 2018

WHEN: Jun | 21 | 2018 WHERE: Hamburg, Germany

The beginning of summer will see the catworkx Midsummer Day 2018 (CMSD2018) which takes place in Hamburg from 9:00 a.m. with the motto “Be part of the powerful Atlassian Ecosystem.”



Enterprise Day 2017

WHEN: Nov | 21 | 2017 WHERE: Madrid, Spain

The ninth edition of DEISER day

The fifth time Deiser invites all to Madrid. It is a meeting for all kinds of companies, manufacturers of add-ons and representatives of Atlassian. Soon more details with the agenda of the event and speakers!


Digital Workplace Summit 2017

WHEN: Nov | 7 | 2017 WHERE: Köln, Germany

The conference for digital workplace strategies

Learn more about the digital transformation of processes. Lecturers from companies from different industries report on their experiences and are available for discussion in interactive sessions. The wide range of participants from introductory experts and technology specialists also offers a unique platform for discussing and realizing the future of the digital workplace.


Enterprise Day

WHEN: Oct | 3-4 | 2017 WHERE: Stockholm, Sweden

Meet all the teams from around the Nordics

Enterprise Days is annual Atlassian user conference and biggest event of the year. Teams from around the Nordics come to share experiences, be inspired and transform the way their teams work with the Atlassian suite. Team at Riada are fully dedicated to creating business solutions and products together with Atlassian. They are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners.


IT BarMeet

WHEN: Sep | 27 | 2017 WHERE: Wroclaw, Poland

Our first meet-up covered three main topics:

  • ReactJS in Jira
  • Documentation and project management (scripts, testing, etc.)
  • ReactJS in ES6